Looking after and cleaning your hearing aid

Your hearing aid is with you all day long, helping you to play an active role in conversations and social relationships once more. For unlimited hearing enjoyment, the regular care and maintenance of your hearing aid is essential. Regular care and cleanings will extend the life of your hearing aids and help keep them in top working condition. The following tips will help you to prolong the life of your hearing aid.

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    Clean & Care: Daily Basics

    1. Brush microphone ports to remove wax and debris.
    2. For in-the-ear (ITE), clean the vent
    3. Brush and wipe down the entire hearing aid.
    • Clean them in the morning. The wax will be easier to remove after it has had time to dry overnight.
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    Clean & Care: Weekly Detail (If you had a problem with wax in your ears)

    1. Gently remove stubborn deposits of wax build up.
    2. Never use any tools on the microphone
    3. Check and replace the wax guard as needed.
    • If the hearing aid seems like it is not working there is probably wax in the guard-that is a good indication to replace it.
    • Be sure to schedule an annual clean and check with dB hearing, it will help preserve the life of your hearing aid.
    • Just prior to your warranty expiring your hearing aid should be sent into the manufacture for a checkup. This is not something that dB Hearing keeps track of
    • You will need to call and bring it in. There is no charge.
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    Caring Tips: Safe Storage

    1. Always keep them in their charger or case when not wearing them- helps prevent you from losing them.
    2. Be careful of pets
    3. Don't move them around or leave them anywhere but in their case.
    4. If it is humid (snowbirds) keep them in a desiccant case or dehumidifier. We do sell them in the office.
    Caring Tips:
    • Hearing aids hate water, do not swim shower or get them wet.
    • Chemicals are bad too. Never use any chemical solutions or wipe that aren't made for hearing aids.
    • Keep away from hairsprays, perfumes, oils and lotions. Get ready first then put your hearing aids in.
    • Don't freeze or melt them, by leaving them in your car.
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    Troubleshooting tips: If the hearing aid is not working

    1. Is the battery door closed all the way?
    2. Do you need a new battery and have to properly activated the battery
    3. If the hearing aids are rechargeable put them on the charger to turn them on and to see if they are fully charged
    4. MOST IMPORTANT: is the filter clear of debris
      • Check the dome: give it a cleaning or change it
      • Change the filter: Black stick- use the black end to insert to remove the old filter, push it straight in do does not twist or bend. Then pull straight out, flip the stick and insert the white tip, remove and dispose of the stick. They are not reusable.
    5. Make sure they are in the correct ear and are inserted fully
    6. Your ear may have wax in it so clean your ears or give us a call and we can schedule an ear cleaning. You can also use a capful of Peroxide, pour in ear let it sit for 5-10 minutes then repeat on the other side.
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    Batteries: Get more life Out of Your Batteries

    Fully activate them before use:

    1. Remove sticker
    2. Set face up
    3. Wait 2-5 minutes before putting them in y our hearing aid
    4. When not in use avoid power drain by opening the battery door
    • Always open at night or when not using
    • Refrigerators are for food not batteries
    • Don't remove the stickers until you are ready to use them
    • Don't ingest- store away from food, medications, pets and children.
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    Things to Remember

    Be patient with yourself, wearing hearing aids takes time. Your brain needs to readjust to the sound. It has been a while since you have heard some sounds. Your brain needs to process and identify if it is an important sound or background. Remember: we start hearing at birth, you were adjusting the same way you are now-many sounds you are hearing again for the first time in 7-10 years.

    Getting used to wearing hearing aids will also take some time. Your ears may itch, or you may feel them, in time will not even know they are there.

    Wear your hearing aids everyday even when you are alone. A person with normal hearing does not turn off the world when they are alone. You must get used to the sounds, also it may be a safety issue. You need to hear all the time.

    Also, if you are not wearing your hearing aids during the time you are alone, you may never adjust, or it may take longer than you would like. Every time to leave them out your brain must readjust when you put them back in.

    Tip: If you are having problems: wear them for 4 hours then take them out for 30 minutes, do this throughout the day and it will become easier. Never leave them out just because you are aloneyou may never fully receive the benefit and you may become one of those who just leave them in the drawer... Yes, it is one more thing we must do every day. It will be worth it- you have to try, and it will not always be easy.

    Practice every day

    Ask friends and family what they hear.

    1. Walking outside
    2. In a quiet place
    3. At a party
    4. At a busy restaurant
    5. At public gathering
    6. Meeting etc.

    For best results wear your hearing aids at least 8 hours a day. Skipping days or taking them out will slow your progress or even prevent your brain from fully adapting.

    A Positive attitude can make all the difference... Stick with it, it is not easy. Ask your family to help and encourage you. Come in for adjustments or counseling if you are having difficulty. This is a journey not a destination .... dB Hearing is hear!!!

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