Certified Tinnitus Care Provider

Certified Tinnitus Care Provider

At dB Hearing Health & Medspa, our hearing professionals offer comprehensive, personalized tinnitus treatment options. We will go through your medical history and do a full ear exam including a hearing evaluation to better understand what caused the ringing in your ears and what makes it worse. This will help us determine which tinnitus management options are right for you. Here is the process:

  • Tinnitus Assessment - dB hearing is uniquely equipped to evaluate your tinnitus. In addition to the standard comprehensive hearing evaluation, you will receive specialized testing specifically to help patients better understand their tinnitus and guide the course of their tinnitus management therapy.
  • Standard Comprehensive Audiogram - A standard hearing test is the starting point. It allows me to examine the current status of the your hearing in the range that is most important for speech understanding (0.25-8 kHz) and assists in identifying any underlying hearing loss, which is highly correlated with tinnitus.
  • Ultra High Frequency Audiometry - Ultra high frequency audiometry is an extension of the standard audiometric evaluation that allows the me to further examine your hearing beyond the range that is tested on a standard hearing test. This can be helpful in identifying patients with ultra high frequency hearing loss that may not be identified on a standard audiogram.
  • Tinnitus Pitch/Loudness Matching and Tinnitus Masking Level - For patients who are significantly bothered by their tinnitus, you may be given additional testing to better understand the qualities of your tinnitus specifically the pitch and loudness. I will also assess if the tinnitus can be masked using background noise. This testing helps in creating a specialized tinnitus management plan.
  • Loudness Discomfort Levels (LDL) - Some patients with tinnitus also experience sound sensitivity or hyperacusis. LDL testing helps me establish the level of sound patients find truly uncomfortable and identifies patients who may have sounds sensitivity issues that would need to be addressed as part of their tinnitus management program.

Relief From Tinnitus and A More Relaxing Future

If you have a ringing, humming, or buzzing in your ears, it might be a condition called tinnitus. Different people experience tinnitus in different ways, but tinnitus is any sound heard in the ears and/or head that doesn’t have an outside source. Some people hear the noise all the time, and others say it comes and goes. If you’re experiencing tinnitus, you’re not alone – the condition affects nearly 50 million Americans making it one of the most common health conditions in the country.

Our in person or telehealth programs can help you find the right solution for your tinnitus. We provide compassionate, thorough, and convenient tinnitus care.

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