A Simple Cold May Cause Hearing Loss

A Simple Cold May Cause Hearing Loss

The American Lung Association recently reported that an average American adult gets as many as four bouts of the common cold every year. Common colds are notorious for causing congestion as well as ear infections. Repeated cases of ear infections resulting from common colds may lead to hearing loss over time.

The common cold which results in repeated ear infections may cause resistance to antibiotics. This can make it harder to treat ear infections over time and lead to hearing loss.

It is quite common to experience congestion during a common cold since our sinuses are connected with our ear canals, which is why your ears feel plugged up during a cold. Be mindful of the symptoms you have and do not dismiss certain symptoms.

Watch your body for signs of pain in the ears or any kind of discharge. Consult a medical professional immediately if you find the pain and discharge to be lasting. Generally speaking, any kind of pain in the ears can signify that the cold is actually shifting to a harmful direction and could signify inflammation or an underlying infection. Early detection through the use of antibiotics prescribed by a medical professional can help prevent any lasting damage to your ears.

In case you do find that your hearing does not return even after treatment, get your hearing examined by a qualified audiologist. You may have hearing loss, which could give rise to several other medical issues as well, ranging from heart disease to dementia.

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