Contemporary Hearing Devices

Contemporary Hearing Devices

Hearing aids have been undergoing drastic changes over the decades. Latest hearing aid technology enables your hearing instruments to automatically adjust sound settings based on the environment you are in. However, your hearing aids do not have a brain of their own so they may not always be aware of your specific wants and hearing needs at any given moment.

You can use programs to help give your hearing aids the additional information they need in order to adjust to your specifications. You can specify whether you would like to listen to any particular types of background noises (such as the music playing at restaurants) or eliminate all background noises altogether.

Just like a science-fiction novel, artificial intelligence is slowly taking hold even within the field of hearing aids. Machine learning enables hearing aids to function like a human brain and make intelligent decisions based on real-life experiences. This enables your hearing aids to distinguish between background chatter and conversations you wish to focus on. You can also have your hearing aids filter out the background chatter while paying full attention to the conversation you wish to continue, despite having gaps during the conversation.

Your machine learning program would have the ability to filter out unnecessary noise by setting markers on them so that it can distinguish and eliminate the noise from important sounds. This process will repeat itself over time until the program is more fluent at this recognition and elimination process.

Artificial intelligence will be able to help hearing aids perform better at being able to distinguish important sounds between 10-90% if the research is successful. Similar machine learning technologies can be implemented for smartphones as well. These can act like hearing aids and perform similar types of noise filtration. Times are changing and as far as hearing aid technology is concerned, the future is now!

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