Feedback Sounds from your Hearing Devices

Feedback Sounds from your Hearing Devices

Hearing aids are a great way to combat hearing loss; until they start whistling! That annoying buzzing sound that sometimes emits from hearing aids is a result of feedback. This feedback happens due to improperly fitted hearing aids which allow air to leak in, or because of excessive amounts of power.

Feedback from hearing aids occurs when the sound signals that enter the hearing aids leak out and are re-amplified by the microphone of the hearing aids, which result in a harsh, high-pitched hissing or whistling sound.

Nowadays you can enjoy your hearing aids without troublesome feedback thanks to advanced noise-cancellation technology such as the Feedback Eliminator. You can also enjoy increased power of hearing aids without having to deal with the previously-resulting feedback. This feature is especially useful since as time goes on, some hearing aid users may progressively lose their hearing further. Due to progressive hearing loss, these users would require increased power and volume on their hearing aids so that they can hear properly.

The problem with high powered hearing aids is that the stronger the prescription for high power, the higher the chances of getting feedback from hearing aids. Thankfully, this is no longer a problem with the feedback elimination system that enables higher power at practically zero feedback. This technology not only great for a more enhanced listening experience, it also helps improve the longevity of the hearing aids by several years.

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