Getting Your Mother on Board with Her Hearing Loss Treatment

Getting Your Mother on Board with Her Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing loss is a very normal part of aging, and even though your mother may not think she is old enough to have hearing loss, it may sneak up on her all the same. Learn about effective ways you can get her to accept her hearing loss problem and seek treatment for it.

The sad reality of life is that women often neglect their hearing even more than men do. As their role as nurturer, they learn to put their families first and themselves last. As such, hearing loss never quite makes the top position on their priority list. This is even more so since hearing loss can be skirted around using compensatory techniques, so it ends up being neglected far longer than it should be.

Prebycusis is the name given to hearing loss that occurs due to advanced age. Our body undergoes so much wear and tear each day that with time, the delicate cells in our ears deteriorate and die, resulting in hearing loss. Presbycusis is actually a very common issue but it is unfortunately a permanent form of hearing loss. Thankfully, it has a very easy and effective solution; hearing aids.

Think for a moment about the common problems your mother may have with her hearing lately. Does she constantly complain that everyone around her is mumbling? Does she complain of a ringing sound in her ears? Does she raise the volume on the television to an uncomfortable level? Does she often ask you and others to repeat what they said? If the answer to any or all of the above is “yes,” then your mother may have presbycusis.

You may not think of hearing loss as that big of a deal, but it really is the gateway to several other serious illnesses. Those with hearing loss put themselves at risk of developing dementia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and are 140% more prone to sustaining injuries due to falling!

People with hearing loss have a higher likelihood of suffering from depression and anxiety due to increased social isolation. Their interpersonal relationships with friends and family may decline and they may become more reclusive and lonely as a result. With so many serious consequences of hearing loss, it is time to talk to your mother about it.

If you share a close relationship with your mother, have a heart to heart conversation with her about her hearing health. Let her explain her hearing problems to you and hear her out when she does. Be there for her as a source of comfort and support, and be sure to accompany her to the audiologist’s office when she is ready to take a hearing examination.

Getting hearing aids has a significantly positive impact on hearing health and overall health for those with hearing loss. People who use hearing aids have improved cognitive skills, lower chances of developing dementia, and are generally happier and more satisfied with their lives.

Talk to your mother about getting hearing aids and be there for her during her journey from hearing loss to hearing once more with hearing aids. It may very well be the best gift you give her.

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