Hearing Phone Calls with Hearing Loss

Hearing Phone Calls with Hearing Loss

Those with hearing loss may be reluctant to talk on the phone too often. However, this can cut you off from your friends and loved ones. This is why it is important to explore your options to help you stay connected despite your hearing loss.

Think clearly about what exactly stops you from talking over the phone. Is it a problem that can be fixed easily? Is it a simple matter of being unable to hear because the voice is too soft? This can be fixed by raising the volume on your phone.

You can even enjoy a better phone conversation using headphones or a Bluetooth headset. These provide a more enhanced sound quality and provide sound signals closer to your ear, which can make it easier to hear.

Testing your hearing is always a good idea to check for signs of hearing loss. Sometimes, it may be a simple matter of too much earwax, which can be easily flushed out of your ear by a medical professional. In case of ear infections, a medical professional can prescribe antibiotics that can take care of the infection and restore your hearing.

In case you do have hearing loss, you can download useful applications to help you enjoy your phone conversations. Some applications provide closed captions of the conversations. Others turn the speech to text to help you understand better.

Think about buying a captioned telephone which provides live captions for all telephonic conversations. Several speech-to-text applications are available for download free of cost on your phone.

Certain landline phones also provide facilities for hearing impaired individuals. These include sound amplifiers and equalizers to enhance sound quality. Some even have an electronic screen that types out text equivalents of phone conversations.

Of course, the best way to enjoy phone conversations is to actually be able to hear them! You can do this by getting your hearing tested by an audiologist and get hearing aids to address you unique hearing needs. You no longer have to invest in telephones or other gadgets and can simply go back to enjoying life and staying connected with all those you hold dear.

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