Leading an Active Life Using Your Hearing Aids

Leading an Active Life Using Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are wonderful tools to help you get back your sense of hearing, as well as help keep up with your active lifestyle. Modern technology have made hearing aids not only more discrete and powerful, but also capable of accomplishing much more than simply amplifying sound.

Your hearing aids, being an electronic device, is rated using an Ingress Protection (or IP) number. This number is a 2 digit number that ranks how well-protected your hearing aids are from foreign particles and moisture. The first digit of your IP number depicts how effective your hearing aids are when it comes to protection from foreign particles. The second digit lets you know well-protected your hearing aids are from water damage.

For the more active hearing aid users who are looking for more protection, look for higher IP numbers in your hearing aids. This will mean that your hearing aids will be more effective in protection from foreign particles and water. Be it your thrill for water sports or mountain climbing, higher IP rankings (68 and above) will help keep your device safe from weather elements such as rain, wind, and snow.

Some of us may not be physically active, but we sure love being socially active. Even here, your hearing aids can play a crucial role in helping you stay connected. We are in the digital age, and hearing aids have come a long way since their clunky days. Modern hearing aids enable you to connect your hearing aids to your smart phones as well as other devices. You can stream calls directly to your hearing aids, or use your hearing aids as ear phones to listen to music. You can even use GPS settings to help you remember your favorite hearing aid settings in different environments.

Hearing aids can even be used to stream your digital media, effectively turning your hearing aid into a mini-computer of sorts! Your hearing aids are now smarter than ever, with a wide variety of applications available on your smart phone that you can install and use in collaboration with your hearing aids. With so many changes to your hearing aids, you no longer need to give up your active lifestyle simply because of hearing loss. Use your hearing aids to help keep you on track with your numerous engagements, while enjoying crystal clear hearing all the way.

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