Unitron Moxi Discover

Stellar sound and seamless connectivity

Made to connect to your favorite technology

Individuals should feel really good about the entire hearing care experience. With the new discreet and stylish designs of the Unitron Discover Moxi™ hearing aids, the only thing you will notice is their impeccable sound available in three models: Moxi™ Fit, Moxi™ Jump R, and the Moxi™ Jump R T.

These hearing aids are made to connect to your favorite technology - enjoy easy, direct connections with the people you care about, with hands-free phone calls*, video calls and media streaming to both ears. Discover Moxi™ hearing aids are rechargeable (Moxi™ Jump R) and they work with a dedicated app that allows users to share feedback on how your Moxi™ hearing aids are performing while you are out and about. So get ready to love the experience.

Hearing Performance

Conversations are all around us, all the time, wherever we go. A hearing aid needs to perform differently in different listening situations. With the newest generation of the Unitron technology, you will love the sound from day one and it will only get better as your hearing aids continually and automatically adjust until you’re hearing you’re very best. The new processing system, SoundCore™, which was developed using a branch of artificial intelligence, has four features working together, making fluid adjustments so you have the most humanlike hearing experience possible and can actively participate in every conversation.

In addition, the Remote Plus app on your smartphone allows you to share your impressions of your hearing aid performance right in the moment. This will help us quickly resolve any issues and further personalize your hearing solution.

Direct Connectivity

Unitron Moxi™ Discover hearing aids leverage the SWORD™ 3.0 chip to provide made-for-all connectivity, including phone and media connectivity to both ears. Enjoy easy, direct connections with the people you care about, with hands-free phone calls*, video calls and media streaming to both ears. Moxi™ Discover works with all of your wireless devices, not just your phone and also delivers stereo sound quality. Stream your favorite TV programs, music and entertainment in high-quality stereo sound directly to your hearing aids from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Watching TV is made easy with the TV Connector – the TV Connector accessory makes it easy to watch your favorite programs by wirelessly connecting your hearing aids to your TV. Enjoy all your entertainment in high-quality Dolby stereo sound.

Rechargeable Technology

Available with rechargeable technology, Moxi™ Jump R hearing aids are easy to use, quick to charge, and offer a full day of hearing including streaming. Eliminates the need to ever change batteries.

The Moxi™ Jump R hearing aids come with easy-to-use charging options that will turn on and off automatically when removed from or inserted into the charger. Chat. Charge. Repeat.

Remote Plus App

Timely tips and advice sent right to your smartphone will enable you to successfully incorporate hearing aids into your life and ensure your hearing experience is stress-free the entire way through. Unitron’s coach feature sends theses notifications through the Remote Plus app to help you use and care for your new hearing aids. You can also use the app to control you Moxi Discover hearing aids and share impressions on how they are performing while you’re out and about. This will help the HCP quickly address any issues and further personalize your hearing solution.


  • Binaural Audio Streaming
  • SoundCore Technology
  • SoundNav 3.0
  • Sound Conductor
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Speech Pro

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