Signia Pure Charge and Go IX

Unleash the power of conversation

Meet the beautiful and compact Pure Charge&Go IX, a groundbreaking Signia Integrated Xperience hearing aid designed to fit snuggly into the ear and meet your unique lifestyle and hearing needs. Pure Charge&Go IX is different from your ordinary hearing aid. It harnesses the full power of Signia Integrated Xperience with RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology to keep you connected with conversations, no matter how busy they get. Enjoy its comfortable fit, all-day battery life, personalized control, and enhanced connectivity.

6 reasons why you will love Pure Charge&Go IX

Natural, effortless conversations

With RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology, you will never miss a beat, hear multiple conversation partners clearly, no matter how lively the conversation gets. In fact 95% of wearers showed improved performance in a group conversation scenario.

Boost communication in real-time

Increased social interaction has a positive impact on mental well-being. OVP 2.0 not only ensures your own voice sounds just right, it helps you engage in more conversations.

Optimization in real-time

The Signia Assistant is your friendly AI helper which offers intelligent support for sound customization and troubleshooting in-between appointments.

Futureproof connectivity

Get future-proof connectivity with Signia Integrated Xperience. Our devices are ready for the future Bluetooth LE Audio standard via a future firmware update to your hearing aids performed by your Hearing Care Professional.

Powered for all-day conversations

A reliable rechargeable battery ensures you never miss a word. And the wireless charging case lets you charge on the go.

Tailored to your hearing experience

A user-friendly mobile app allows you to adjust settings to your unique hearing needs, making every conversation count.


Available in 2 models:

Pure Charge&Go IX

Sophisticated hearing aid technology in a stylish and comfortable receiver-in-canal (RIC) design.

Pure Charge&Go T IX

Pure Charge&Go IX, enhanced with telecoil for better hearing in public venues.


Available in 10 different colors

  • Black
  • Graphite
  • Dark Champagne
  • Silver (new)
  • Pearl White
  • Fine Gold
  • Deep Brown
  • Sandy Brown
  • Rose Gold
  • Beige


  • Natural, effortless conversations
  • Boost communication in real-time
  • Optimization in real-time
  • Futureproof connectivity
  • Powered for all-day conversations
  • Tailored to your hearing experience

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