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Hearing as intended by nature

Your life doesn’t stand still. Whether you’re out jogging, chatting with friends at a party or simply relaxing around the house, 90 percent of your activities involve motion and your surroundings change constantly. And as you move, your acoustic environment changes.

This is why hearing can go from easy to nearly impossible in just a few seconds as you move from the relatively quiet surroundings of your home or car to a busier, acoustically more challenging place like a bustling shopping area.

Giving hearing aids a new sense to understand your needs

To join all the important conversations in life, whether cheerful or serious, inspirational or trivial, we need to understand speech all the time.

The issue with existing hearing aids is that they either focus on what is directly in front of you or on your general surroundings, often missing important sounds that matter. Signia Xperience is the first hearing aid platform ever that doesn’t make that compromise. It can do both at the same time.

In addition, it is difficult to follow a conversation while walking or running because existing hearing aids assume that the wearer is not in motion. As a world’s first, Signia Xperience takes motion into account so that you can easily follow conversations also in active situations.

Xperience platform

Signia Xperience is the name of our revolutionary technology platform – the smart chip and operating system if you like – that drives the sound processing of our new hearing aids. Signia Xperience personalizes your hearing aids to understand what really matters, so that you can always hear what matters to you.

While dining out with friends, for example, Signia Xperience will make your conversation partners and the restaurant’s live background music sound crystal clear and in perfect harmony. And if a waiter approaches from behind and asks you if everything is to your liking, you can understand the waiter’s voice clearly while other restaurant guests’ voices remain softly in the background to prevent confusion and frustration.

You no longer have to ask someone to repeat themselves because you could not catch what they were saying in the overall noise

Everything sounds natural because you hear it at the correct volume and you recognize from which direction each sound is coming. The world’s first hearing aids equipped with acoustic-motion sensors to understand where you are and what you’re doing deliver a hearing experience so natural, it’s sure to move you.

Now you can cook dinner and hear your loved ones behind you, enjoying the conversation even with all the sounds of the kitchen filling the air. You can go walking with friends in the park and hear them from any direction while also basking in the sounds of the birds singing in the trees.

With Signia Xperience you can move freely and still hear what’s important in superb clarity.

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  • Most natural own voice and best speech understanding in noise, even when the wearer is in motion
  • World's first integrated acoustic-motion sensors
  • Long-lasting high quality audio streaming
  • Ultra HD e2e and Bluetooth connectivity

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